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X Factor - Elite Soccer Training

X FactorElite Player Soccer Training 
for Academy, Select, ECNL and DA Players

X Factor training improves a player's ability to change speed and direction while controlling the ball. Players will work on various skills and footwork to increase their quality of touch and foot speed. 

60 minutes of intense footwork training gives players the opportunity to work on their strength, power and fitness through our rigorous training that includes, skill work, small side games, strength exercises and plyometrics.

Players should have at least 2 years of competitive playing experience.  All players will be evaluated at the first session at no charge.  All evaluations will be held at the 6:00pm class.

X Factor is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Night at 6:00pm for Academy players and 7:00pm for all other players.

Training Costs

Drop in rate is $20 per session
1 x per week $60 per month
2-3 x per week $100 per month