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Field Rental

Looking for a place to play?

Our fields are available for rental for your team practice or
 just a group of your friends to get together and play.

You can rent the Arena or the Astroturf field. All rentals  must be a minimum of 1 hour. The cost for field rental is:

 Astroturf Field - $90 per hour
Arena Field - $120 per hour

Due to Covid-19, we do not allow any spectators, or children (unless they are playing on the field) with the rental.
All participants in the rental, must get their temperature taken at the front desk before the get on the field. 

CREEKSIDE Rental Policies

There are NO REFUNDS on rentals. Once a rental is booked, there is are no refunds issued, so please make sure you need the field before booking.


  • We accept, cash, credit card, debit card or checks
  • There are no refunds for cancellations.
  • No FOODS or DRINKS are allowed on fields
  • No Profanity.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times
  • No cleats allowed
  • Creekside does not provide soccer balls
  • Creekside does not provide training vests
  • We reserve the right to refuse reservations
  • No SPITTING.  Any one caught spitting will be immediately ejected from the facility.

We do not rent the fields for anyone to conduct private or individual training sessions.

We also do not rent the fields for any non-Creekside affiliated tournaments.

If you would like to rent the fields for multiple nights or weeks, you can ask about being placed on a Contract.  For more information on a Contract or field availability 
please call 770-466-7177.