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Friday Night Lights

This league is an open coed competitive league for male or female players age 17 and over or a senior in high school who would like to play for fun and meet new people.
  Players of all levels are welcome in this league.

Players will attend the draft night to be ranked and then Creekside will form the teams.  Our staff facilitator will oversee all of the games and teams to help players develop, sub for each other, and play within the Friday Night Light rules. The season is 9 weeks long which includes the draft night and play-offs. 

Players can request 1 person to be placed on the same team with.  They both must request each other.

Cost is $95 for ALL players which includes TWO jerseys - home and away. 

Friday Night Lights League Rules

Friday Night Lights will be a regular contact league.

Players are allowed to score two (2) goals per half per game.

Girl goals count as two (2) points. Guy goals count as one (1).

Goalkeepers are not allowed to cross the half line. 

Players MUST wear their Friday Night Lights jerseys at each game. If you do not have it you cannot play.

Shin guards are required for all players.

If the team is short, meaning six (6) players or less, they will only be allowed one (1) sub from another team.
When an additional team player shows up, the sub will need to leave the game.

Upcoming Seasons

Fall - September 30 - December 2 - Draft Night - September 30 7:30 - 9:00pm


PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot make up games if we have to cancel games due to inclement weather.          

Refund Policy: 
If you would like a refund prior to a program or league starting there will be a $35.00 administration fee.
There will be no refunds once a league or program has started.